Hello! Thanks for visiting my little corner of the web. Have a look around, and feel free to look into my GitHub or LinkedIn while you’re out and about. I’m a Game Designer, and former web developer currently living in Vancouver, B.C. I’m just finishing up my BSc in Interactive Design at Simon Fraser University and I have four terms of internship work experience (a year of which in the games industry) under my belt. I spend my free time biking, running D&D campaigns, and writing fictional dialogue on Twitter.

I think that’s everything right?

  • Affable greeting; check.
  • Casual mention of professional tools/network; check.
  • List education and aspirations; check.
  • Spout off three interests; check.

So, now that the generalities are out of the way we’re left here with some aching space left on the page. I suppose this is a good time to get a bit personal.

I see you’ve disabled Javascript. That’s okay. I get it. It slows down your experience and can sometimes have some horribly malicious intents. I’m on board with your silent protest; and you know what? I’m gonna fill you in on the few things that you’re missing out on in this site. It’s not much so don’t worry.

  1. There’s a short fade out effect that happens when you move between pages.
  2. There are several different write-ups for this very Bio section! (This one is a hidden secret)

That’s about it!

Anyways, if you’ve read this far here are some more formal links to my various social networks. Super perfundo upon the early eve of your day!

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