Borneo Sporenburg Cut-away
A cross section of the main atrium.


A new space for the modern canal house district of Borneo-Sporenburg in Amsterdam. A project that highlights and embraces transition within a user’s experience by taking special care in the transition points of the structure.


Design a space for the modern travelling professional. A space that is focused on short 2-3 day stays which allows the user to feel at home while also providing opportunity for professional work and collaboration. The focus should be on space and interaction.

Borneo Sporenburg Flow Diagram
This circulation diagram shows the spiralling ascent that was core to the design.

Transition Within Space

The building’s primary features is its slanted atrium which houses the main circulation within the structure. Each floor has a distinct ascension experience to help draw attention to the act of transition itself within the space. This was decided upon because of our client, a client who is constantly changing location because of work and other engagements. We wanted to tailor the space to connect with this key aspect of our user.

Borneo Sporenburg Entrance
The entrance to the complex which feature a bench and a bike garage.

Integration with the City

Our second priority was to integrate the culture of Amsterdam with the key transition point: the entrance. Here we placed a bench to allow a space for dwelling while still being connected to the city. Additionally, a bike garage allows the user to use the primary form of transportation within the city. These choices were designed to help the user quickly and enjoyably integrate with the culture of Amsterdam.

Borneo Sporenburg Program
The program for the building which shows the delineation of space and purpose.

Opportunities for Collaboration

Our last priority was to have spaces for professional collaboration and networking. The main space that provides this is the ground floor of the central atrium. This space is passed through no matter which dwelling pod that you reside in which naturally allows each user to meet each other as they come and go from the building.